Varda Epstein: The Brain, Gender and Learning Disabilities

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We’re finding out that brains vary tremendously between boys and girls, writes Varda Epstein, which should influence our approach to learning disabilities.

Cecilia Rosas‘s insight:

How often do we miss the signs of learning disabilities in children because they don’t manifest the expected symptoms? The idea of gender brain differences may mean we need to look at academic outcomes as symptoms. A girl who doesn’t display classic signs of ADHD or dyslexia but is not getting good grades, deserves an investigation as to cause.


In a funny way, we’re discriminating against certain sectors and genders when we apply our catch-all norms to them. We don’t look for eating disorders in males, and we don’t look for dyslexia in girls. Maybe it’s time we did, just to make sure we don’t end up discriminating against them in actuality by robbing them of the help they need and deserve due to our preconceived gender stereotypes for these conditions.


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