PBL: What Does It Take for a Project to Be “Authentic”?

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John Larmer is the Director of Product Development at the Buck Institute for Education (@biepbl on Twitter).

Everyone thinks that Project-Based Learning has something to do with “

Cecilia Rosas‘s insight:

PBL means doing the kind of work done in the world outside of school, it is intended to have an effect on the students’ lives and in their environment. A not-authentic "dessert project" would involve the kind of assignment students are typically given in school: compose an essay, create a poster or model, write and present a book report, or make a PowerPoint presentation on a topic they’ve researched. Beyond their teacher and maybe their classmates, there’s no public audience for students’ work, no one actually uses what they create, and the work they do is not what people do in the real world. The only effect of all of the above is academic purposes "meaning grade".

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